We are design at Tucows

Our mission is to make the internet better by creating experiences that our customers will love.

A little bit about us

We’re a fully remote team collaborating across four business verticals.

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Our Values | 01

We’re not robots (beep boop)

We’re a team of unique human beings who think laughter is the best medicine.

“We try to bring levity and humour when faced with tough challenges. The fun we have always lifts our spirits and reminds us that we are not alone in difficult times.”

Brigitte Kovacs, Director of Product Design

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Our Values | 02

Respect for all is non-negotiable

We listen to each other, learn from each other and collectively uphold an environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves.

“We foster inclusion by acknowledging the privileges each of us hold, and becoming champions for those who are often underrepresented or seldom heard.”

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Our Values | 03

Scientists, artists and storytellers welcome

Multidisciplinarity and creativity are crucial to what we do. Bring on your weird, wild and innovative ideas.

“We can help brainstorm and provide potential solutions to problems that aren’t purely visual.”

Jennifer Wilson, Senior Graphic Designer