Cat Barreira

Sr. Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Cat! I've been a graphic designer at Tucows since August 2020. I currently live in Hamilton, ON but grew up in Portugal. When I'm not designing, I'm usually knitting, reading, or scrolling through pics of cute dogs on the internet.

  • A childhood photo of Cat wearing a red barrette, blue and white striped top under a white vest with a red anchor icon
    A childhood photo
  • My hidden talent
  • A still from the TV show Brooklyn 99 showing two of the characters, Amy Santiago in foreground giving double thumbs up while Rosa Diaz stand behind looking annoyed
    If I were a character I'd be...
  • A TV show I could watch over and over again
  • Something I can eat every day
  • Three people dressed in diaphanous white costumes complete with luminescent wings and owl masks surround a singer at a microphone performing for a crowd
    A concert I attended

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