Janelle Leung

Associate Product Designer

I'm really bad at writing bios.

  • A fluffy husky lies on his back in a corner asking for belly rubs
    My work from home buddy
  • A silhouetted figure paddle-boards during sunset with a city skyline behind her
    My hidden talent
  • Patrick from the TV show Sponge Bob standing up sleeping
    My self portrait
  • A baby photo of Janelle wearing a white with red polka-dots shower cap
    A childhood photo
  • A TV show I could watch over and over again
  • Janelle scuba-diving giving the OK sign
    Me underwater in Thailand
  • Something I can eat every day
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • Thanks for visiting my page
  • A cartoon from astronaut Chris Hadfield in which he gives advice about working towards your dreams and never giving up
  • A playlist

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