Karen Evans

  • Looking out over a serene river at sunset, the colours perfectly mirrored in the reflection of the water
    My happy place
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • The most adorable mini goldendoodle puppy smiling happily
    My work from home buddy
  • A yellow, cartoon dog wearing a bowler cap, holding a cup of coffee while sitting atop a dumpster that is on fire. The words "This is fine" are spray painted on the dumpster.
    If I were a character I'd be...
  • Palm trees frame a view out over the ocean in Roatan.
    Most magical place I've visited
  • My hidden talent
  • Something I can eat every day
  • Poster from the British panel show Taskmaster, featuring its hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne sitting in gilded thrones.
    A TV show I could watch over and over
  • Workstation featuring a long wooden desktop, framed photos and posters, as well as several shark-themed art pieces.
    Home office setup

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