Kay Evans-Stocks

Design Engineer

Kay is a creative developer and designer who's passionate about building digital experiences that nurture community, and inclusivity. She enjoys big cozy sweaters, being off the grid in nature, and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

  • A fire lit in a stone firepit, with the Vermont mountains in the distance
    A place where I feel happiest
  • If I were a character or celebrity, I’d be...
  • Baby Kay with a wide grin in a floral dress and a matching hat
    Me as a child
  • Butter chicken curry on a plate
    Something I could eat every day
  • Something I want to learn
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • Text on a brick wall that reads "Be brave enough to such at something new"
    A quote I love
  • Something weird that I love
  • A playlist

Stories from Kay

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