Keven Lupien

DesignOps Manager

Some might say I'm obsessed with systems and organization but I believe they make everything quicker and easier – from designing to day-to-day life. I enjoy helping others improve their skills and started a YouTube channel called 'Keven Can Figma' in hopes of reaching even more designers. As a DesignOps Manager I get to work with an amazing design team who I learn from every day.

  • A gray french bulldog sits on a fuzzy purple blanket, her golden brown eyes show the reflections from the window she is looking out
    My work from home buddy
  • A spooky portrait of Keven in skeletal face paint for Halloween
    My Halloween costume
  • A sepia-toned childhood photo of Keven in a wooden frame
    A childhood photo
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • A family selfie showing Keven, his wife and two children standing in front of a castle with river in the background
    My family
  • My hidden talent
  • A place where I feel happiest
  • A photo from a Pearl Jam concert
    A concert I attended
  • A TV show I could watch over and over again
  • A playlist

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