Nicole Duguay

  • A fluffy gray cat lying on its back staring up at the camera
    My work from home buddy
  • If I were a character I'd be...
  • Sunset over a running river with forest on either side
    A place where I feel happiest
  • A concert I attended
  • A grand castle sits on a pristinely manicured lawn and gardens
    Most magical place I've visited
  • The gif that best describes my wife (as chosen by her)
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • A scene from the tv show The Office, in which one of the characters has discovered his stapler has been encapsulated in Jello
    A TV show I could watch over and over
  • My celebrity doppelgänger
  • Closeup image of a sample of text using the font Garamond
    My favorite font: Garamond

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