Rida Rohail

Copywriter/Content Specialist

Hi! I'm Rida and I'm a copywriter and content specialist here at Tucows. I enjoy cooking, reading, listening to podcasts and going on long walks. And yes, I'm a cat person.

  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • A bright red train travelling through a golden mountain field with a snowcapped peak in the background
    Most magical place I've visited
  • A still from the TV show Park and Recreation
    A TV show I could watch over and over again
  • April Ludgate, a character from the TV show Parks and Recreation, played by actress Aubrey Plaza
    If I were a character I'd be...
  • Something I like doing
  • If I were an animal I'd be...
  • Something I can eat every day
  • The Sadness character from the movie Inside Out
    My celebrity doppelgänger

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