Tiago Einloft

Associate UX Researcher

Brazilian UX Researcher living in Toronto! I was previously a UX Designer and UX Research was the topic I liked most, so I decided to specialize as a UX Researcher! I'm passionate about accessibility and one of my personal objectives is to become an Accessibility Researcher one day!

  • Tiago's desk setup which includes two monitors displaying colorful Tucows' wallpaper, a couple of squishy cows, a small Canadian flag and a small Blue Jays flag with a Pride-themed background.
    Home office setup
  • Tiago's work from home buddy, an adorable smiling Beagle posing with a soccer ball.
    Work from home buddy
  • Pearl Jam on stage, lead singer Eddie Veder performing for a stadium of fans.
    A concert I attended
  • Actor Elijah Wood clutching a guitar.
    If I were a celebrity I'd be...
  • Something that describes me perfectly
  • Landscape overlooking several huge waterfalls all feeding into a rushing river with lush green foliage
    The most magical place I've visited
  • A plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies.
    Something I could eat everyday
  • A music studio with drum kit, guitar, bass and amps. Posters of famous musicians line the walls.
    A place where I feel happiest
  • Photo of the cast of Seinfeld, including Kramer, George, Elaine and Jerry with their arms around each other.
    A TV show I could watch over and over
  • A Chihuahua looking intimidating, growling and wearing a rhinestone collar.
    If I were an animal I'd be...
  • A playlist

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